How Long Does it Take to Learn to Ollie?

One of the most common skateboard tricks is ollie. Therefore, as a new skateboarder, you might be wondering how long it takes to learn how to ollie on your skateboard.

So, how long does it take to learn to ollie? It takes most people 2 weeks to learn a stationary ollie and about 2 months to learn a moving ollie. If you want to learn fast, make sure to spend a few hours a day practicing. Also, be sure to watch some slow-motion YouTube videos that demonstrate the movements.

Easiest Way to Learn How to Ollie

When learning how to ollie, the easiest way to start is by

The first step to learning how to ollie is to get your back wheels into a crack in the concrete. This way your board is not going to be rolling back and forth so you don’t have to worry too about getting off balance.

Next, you need to understand your foot position. Only the ball of your foot should be on the tail of your skateboard. You want ti to be slightly off the edge so you can snap it down hard and fast.

Your other foot should be just down from the front bolts and straight on the board. You want to down on the board enough so that you can drag your foot up the board as you’re performing the ollie.

Now that your feet are in position, you need to know what to do with your knees. You front leg (the one just down from the bolts) will be bent at the knee with your back leg (on the tail of the board) will be out straight.

Then your front foot (with the bent knee) will roll out to 90° so that the outside of your shoe is along the grip tape and will be dragging up the board.

Now you put all these movements together with speed and you have an ollie. The best way to learn this is to watch various YouTube videos and follow along with the movements to learn how to do it yourself.

Troubleshooting Tips for Learning How to Ollie

If your ollies only work while standing but not while you’re moving, it could be because your front foot is not staying straight on the board. crooked on the board. Start by going slowly while working your ollie and you can pick up speed as you get better. Keep your back and shoulders straight and your feed will follow suit.

If you can’t get your board off the ground, you’re likely not giving yourself the jump after pressing the tail to the ground. You need to use that back foot to quickly press the tail towards the ground, making a pop like motion. Then, as soon as the tail hits the ground, simultaneously jump upward and slide your front foot from the middle of the board towards the nose.

If your board slips or spins out, you may be rushing your steps too much. You need to simultaneously do many things so you should continually practice the movement. Also, if you’re pulling your front foot straight up the board’s nose it will help you keep control of your board.