Is Ice Skating Like Rollerblading?

 If you wondering if ice skating is like rollerblading, you’re not alone. Which one is harder to learn or are they about the same in difficulty? Here is what you need to know.

So, is ice skating like rollerblading? Ice skating is very similar with the main difference being the width of ice skate blades versus the wheels on rollerblades. It’s more difficult to gain your balance on ice skates than it is with skates. You’ll also find that maneuvers, breaking, and stopping techniques are different.

Here is more information about whether ice skating is like rollerblading or if it’s different.

Ice Skating vs Rollerblading

There are a lot of similarities to ice skating and rollerblading, but there are quite a few differences that make ice skating and rollerblading very different from each other.

The most obvious difference is the blade on an ice skate vs wheels on rollerblades (also known as inline skates because the wheels are all inline).

There are differing opinions about whether ice skating or rollerblading is easier but most people concur that learning inline skating is easier than ice skating. The main reason people believe rollerblading is easier is because they offer more support for your feet and ankles.

Whether you’re ice skating or rollerblading, you need to make sure that your ankles are tightly secured in the boot. This way your ankles won’t wobble around and you’ll have an easier time pushing off and gliding. This is easier to accomplish in rollerblades as it’s a more comfortable fit. Ice skates can be uncomfortable because they are so tight until you get used to them.

Additionally, the wheels of rollerblades extend further to the front and rear which helps with balancing and gives you more control. On the other hand, ice skates have a very thin blade and it takes a while to learn how to balance it.

Here are a few more differences that you should consider when deciding to learn how to ice skate or rollerblade.

Breaking & Stopping on Ice Skates vs Rollerblades

This is probably one of the main differences between ice skating and rollerblading. when rollerblading, you have a built-in brake on the heel that helps you to stop. Additionally, you can drag your back foot or turn sharply using your body weight to make a stop.

In ice skating, there is no built-in brake which means you have to maintain your weight towards the middle of the blades. By doing this, you can use the middle of the blades to shave the ice and stop. This takes some time to learn because shifting your weight too much on either side will throw you out of balance and you’ll easily fall.

Balancing on Ice Skates vs Rollerblades

Since inline skates have a wider wheelbase, you can easily learn how to have a good balance and learn rollerblading more easily. Additionally, rollerblades have multiple locking systems that secure your feet in place, support your ankles, and help build your confidence.

However, ice skates only have a thin blade underneath your boot and balancing is more difficult to learn. It takes some time to master it and learning how to stop is even harder.

Differences in Ice Skating Surfaces vs Rollerblading Surfaces

When it comes to skating surfaces, rollerblading is definitely more versatile as you can practice in streets, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. Where as ice skating can only be done on… ice. 🙂

On the other hand, in rollerblading, you can skate on streets or parking lots, but rough terrain can knock off your balance which could potential injure yourself. You never know where there might be a hole, crack, obstacle or uneven patch in the concrete.

The ice surface is regularly smoothed and cleared, which makes it safe from obstacles. However, the places to practice are limited to ice rinks.