Learning How to Roller Skate: What You Need to Know

Learning how to roller skate can be a fun and healthy activity. There are a lot of things you should know when you’re ready to learn how to roller skate.

So how long does it take to learn how to roller skate? It takes anywhere from one hour to 20-40 hours for a person to learn how to roller skate. The younger the person is the easier it is for them to learn. It also depends on a person’s balance and coordination. Roller skating (four wheels in a rectangle) is quicker and easier to learn than inline skates (whiles in one line).

Here is more information that you might find helpful for learning how to roller skate. Feel free to share you tips and opinion in the comments below!

Also, if you’re looking for local roller skating rinks to practice at, find one in your state here.

We hope that you’ll find this article helpful and that you’ll have a lot of fun learning how to roller skate. This is great for both adults and children who want to learn roller skating!

What is the Best Way to Learn How to Roller Skate?

Traditional roller skates or quad skates (four wheels arranged in a rectangle) are easier to stand up in and for slower speeds. Whereas inline skates or rollerblades (wheels in one line) away most of the balancing of each foot and steer themselves as you lean.

If you want to learn roller skating, it’s recommended to start on quad skates indoors because they are still fairly fast and easier to turn. Outdoors, inline skates are a lot faster, roll smoother, and are less likely to trip over debris.

Here are the steps for the best way to learn how to roller skate.

  • Start on a non-rolling surface such as a carpeted area. You could also try outdoors in a reasonably dry area of grass.
  • Stand in the “ready” position. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, and squat. This means your backside will be lower to the ground and you should be leaning slightly forward in a squatting position. Balance is very important when your roller skating, and this position will help you from your skates rolling out from under you.
  • Practice balancing with the duck walk. Continue in your squat position, angle your toes out about 30 degrees, and begin walking forward (not rolling). You’ll kind of look like a duck, but this will help you learn how to balance on your skates. Hold your squatted position as you walk.
  • Start rolling forward. As you feel more confident and comfortable, begin pushing off and taking longer strides to roll forward. The harder you push the further you’ll roll with each stride.
  • Move on to a rolling surface and have fun!

Where Can I Learn To Roller Skate?

The best place to learn how to roller skate is at an indoor roller-skating rink.

Roller skates do not do well when objects such as rocks or debris get in the way whereas inline skates are much better. Therefore, learning how to roller skate outdoors isn’t the best option. A more experienced roller skater can roller skate outdoors much better, but when you’re just learning it’s best to stick with the rink.

A lot of roller-skating rinks also offer lessons. You’ll need to contact your nearest roller-skating rink to find out for sure and what their pricing is. Also, you can find a lot of videos on YouTube showing how to roller skate that will help you to visually see how to roller skate.

What Age Can a Child Learn to Roller Skate?

Kids can technically start learning at two or three years old but their balance isn’t very good at that age so it can be a little difficult. You can start teaching kids if they’re interested when their five or six because they’re balance is much better, and their attention span will be better to start following instructions.

Most kids will start off with something like a walker/trainer to help them stay upright as they learn how to stand and balance on roller skates.

All kids should wear the proper protection and have adult supervision at all times.

What Are the Best Roller Skates to Learn On?

It’s best to learn how to skate on quad skates rather than inline skates.

You should invest in a nice pair of roller skates that have good reviews. You can find some really nice ones on Amazon like this one for women.

While you’re at it, you should go ahead and purchase the appropriate safety gear. Some things you need are:

Related Questions

Does roller skating help lose weight? Roller skating will help you lose weight because the energy it takes to roller skate burns calories. There heavier you are the more calories you’ll burn because it takes more energy to skate.

Is roller skating harder than rollerblading? There are mixed opinions about which is easier but for learning how to balance, quad roller skates are much easier to learn because of the wider wheel base.