Skateboard Parks in Alaska

 If you want to have hang out and have some fun you might be looking for a skateboard park in Alaska. You can use our helpful directory of skateboard park near you in Alaska.

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Skateboard Parks in Girdwood AK

Name: Girdwood Park, Playground and Skate

Address: 19098 Alyeska Hwy, Girdwood, Alsaka

Phone Number: 907-783-8146



Monday: 6-11 pm
Tuesday: 6-11 pm
Wednesday: 6-11 pm
Thursday: 6-11 pm
Friday: 6-11 pm
Saturday: 6-11 pm
Sunday: 6-11 pm

Girdwood Park Playground and Skate in Girdwood AK, has skateboard ramps and rails, unfortunately they do not provide admission costs.

For more information, we encourage you to call them at 907-783-8146 or visit their website.

Skateboard Parks in Fairbanks AK

Name: Joel’s place  

Address: 190 Marika Rd, Fairbanks, Alaska

Phone Number: 907-452-2621



Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 7-9 pm
Friday: 7-10 pm
Saturday: 2-10 pm
Sunday: Closed

Joel’s place in Fairbanks AK, unfortunately they do not provide admission costs or any other information.

Although For more information, we encourage you to call them at 907-452-2621 or visit their website.